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Stuff breaks. Tents get rips, bikes break spokes, boating equipment springs leaks…everything is in a slow decline as time and use/abuse wears our stuff down. As Tyler Durden says, "Hey, even the Mona Lisa's falling apart." We can fix your stuff. You ripped the floor of your tent cause you forgot to take your crampons off? REI laughed at you when you told them this? Well, we can fix that. Tacoed that sweet new front wheel cause you were peer pressured into riding off that ledge that you KNOW you shouldn't have. Well, if we can't fix it, we can certainly build you a new one. Boat repairs? Bring 'em in for an estimate. Messed up your only camping stove? Bring it by and we'll tell you if we can fix it and if it's worth it.

We have an arc grinder, duct tape, bike frame bendy tools...Hey we're called Boulder Sports RECYCLER. We don't like to see your gear not in use. If we can fix it, we'll charge you for it, but we'll do it. Just ask. We no longer tune skis, but can recommend a place or 2 to do so.