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Our Shop Policies

If we came to your house and you asked us to take off our shoes, we'd do it and wouldn't ask "why?" Hey, those are your rules. Here are some of ours.

  • New Management realized the no talking on cell phones policy tweaked many patrons, so we killed that policy! Please be respectful of other shoppers, but you CAN use a cell phone at BSR.
  • Side deals are bad Karma. We're doing everything we can to make this a customer friendly environment and survive on the % we make on selling the community's gear. Please respect that.
  • Negotiating. You wanna buy that pack on the wall and offer us $25 less than the price on the ticket. We're not Crazy Charlie's Used Cars here. We have a contract with someone to sell it for that price. Wanna place a bid, go to eBay. Wanna take that sweet deal home right now? We'll be happy to ring you up. Shoot, we'll even help adjust the straps on that pack for you if we're not swamped with other customers.
  • Consigning with us is optional. We have a very good track record of selling gear, but if our terms are not agreeable to you, you do not have to sell through us.
  • Selling stolen stuff will get you pinched. All of our bikes' serial numbers are run through the Police Department. Bringing stolen stuff to us will not only get you caught, but it's gonna be a big strike against your Karma Account.
  • We do accept beer as a tip.
  • Even though we're pretty damn smart when it comes to gear, we may not know the exact item you are comparing something to. Most of the time, we'll guide you and answer as many questions as we can.
  • While you can't use our shop tools, we do have tools available for customer use at the front desk!
  • Returns. We don't take returns.
  • We accept consignments up to 15 minutes before we close.
  • We reserve the right to make up more policies at any moment of the day. Those policies may or may not make it to our website, but they're still in effect. Hey, if you ran the place, wouldn't you want the same freedom?
In the end, be cool, somewhat informed and patient and your BSR experience will be very rewarding.

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