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4949 N. Broadway #113

Boulder, CO 80304

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Sell your gear!

We're always in the market for season-appropriate outdoor gear and apparel.

If you're not sure we'll take your stuff, give us a call.



Mon - Fri: 11-7
Sat - Sun: 12-5



Products shown may or may not be available. These are representative of the types of items that come through our doors.

What we don't take is easier to list than what we do take.

BSR does NOT take the following:

  • non indemnified bindings
  • "skinny, straight" skis
  • "skinny" skins (< 35mm at the waist)
  • Merrell Supercomps
  • non-standard 3pin bindings (xc)
  • rear entry alpine boots
  • scratched goggles
  • fluorescent colors
We accept ski gear approximately October 15 - March 15.
We DO take AT gear all year long.