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Sell your gear!

We're always in the market for season-appropriate outdoor gear and apparel.

If you're not sure we'll take your stuff, give us a call.


The BSR staff knows their stuff. Total enthusiasts who run a sick gear store all year round. No need to wait for Velo Swap to get good deals.

-Ed, Superior

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BSR is Colorado's leader for used and new outdoor adventure gear. Below is a list of categories of gear we consign. We do not deal in team sporting goods. If you have a unique item in one of these categories (like a 3 person bicycle), give us a call to see if we'll sell it for you. (Yes, we've sold 3 person bikes before.)

Bikes Skis/Boards Boats Climbing Camping
Mountain Alpine Skis White Water Kayaks Shoes Tents
Road AT Skis Touring Kayaks Packs Sleeping Bags
Cyclocross Snowboards Sit On Tops Climbing Pro Stoves
Tandems XC Skis Sea Kayaks Harnesses Packs
BMX Alpine Boots Life Jackets Rope Bags GoreTex Jackets
Cruisers Snowboard Boots Dry Tops/Bottoms Apparel Apparel
Kids AT Boots Neoprene Tops/Bottoms Ice Axes Trekking Poles
All Components XC Boots Paddles Crampons Hiking Boots
Tires Alpine Poles Helmets Porta-Ledges Sunglasses
Helmets AT Poles Tie Downs Backcountry Sleds Knives
Trailers Shovels Accessories   Compasses
Apparel Helmets Car Racks    
Car Racks Goggles      
  GoreTex Jackets      
  Car Racks