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We're always in the market for season-appropriate outdoor gear and apparel.

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Heard about you through a friend when I moved to Boulder. Great shop and have always felt like I got a great deal shopping with you.

-Anne, Boulder


Consignment Terms

BSR prides itself on offering the highest quality gear at the best prices. Our staff is filled with outdoor enthusiasts and specialists who's experience guide the consignment process. Combining over 22 years selling gear in Boulder with industry expertise, we strive to price your gear relative to what the market will bear. We want you to get the most for your new and used gear, and balance that with what the customer will pay.

On average, a BSR consigner will net ~63% of the total sale. We have a sliding scale of consignment percentages based on the sale price.

Please note, BSR accepts consignments up to 15 minutes before we close.

Why are we the premier OUTDOOR GEAR consignment shop in Boulder (and maybe the entire country)?

What is the consignment process?

Tips to selling you gear with us.

We love what we do. We want people to enjoy the outdoors and hope we can put the right gear into their hands to do so. If your stuff works for them, we'll recommend it.* We try to price things appropriately first, then sell to the appropriate person. Sounds simple right? It isn't rocket science, but it is close.

*A Note on negotiating. We don't. Someone wants to offer $200 less for your Road bike? We simply tell them No. We strive to get a fair price for you the consigner and them, the buyer right from the start. Our consignment software gives us average prices items have sold for. This, and our 25+ years experience in pricing gear, gives us a good idea on what price and item should sell for.