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About BSR

The Boulder Sports Recycler is a consignment shop based in the traditional center of the known outdoor/ adventure sports universe, beautiful Boulder, Colorado. It was started by a couple of very accomplished, very devoted athletes as a way to immerse themselves in what they love. It quickly became an outlet for their many talents and a way to share their knowledge with others. Over the past 25+ years, BSR has attracted an amazing array of serious outdoor enthusiasts from every imaginable discipline to shop, consign, and work with us. BSR allows people access to high quality new and used equipment at wholesale prices (or less!). It allows people with an over-abundance of gear (you know who you are!) to get $$$ for their lightly used equipment without the hassle of selling online or having a garage sale (we all have better things to do on days off!).

BSR is under new management as of August 2017

So far, we've added another day being open, celebrated 25 years of BSR, cleaned and rearranged the entire shop, eliminated the no phones rule, extended hours and ADDED A COMPUTERIZED CONSIGNMENT SYSTEM!

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